Best Headwear Companies in Lesotho

Looking for Best Headwear in Lesotho? Find the list of Best Headwear Companies in Lesotho on our business directory. Best Headwear Companies near me.
Looking for Best Headwear in Lesotho? Find the list of Best Headwear Companies in Lesotho on our business directory. Best Headwear Companies near me.
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Woolworths Pioneer Mall

286 Pioneer Rd, Maseru
The first Woolworths store opened its doors to the public in Cape Town in October 1931. And it was founder Max Sonnenberg who captured the public’s imagination with dynamic store policies that set Woo...

Khotso Buildware

Main North 1 Maseru East, P.O.Box 8722, Maseru
Hardware store in Maseru, Lesotho.

Lesotho Electricity Company

Lesotho Electricity Company Building No 53 Moshoeshoe Road, Industrial Area, P.O.Box 423, Maseru
The Lesotho Electricity Company (Pty) Ltd (LEC) is wholly owned by the Government of Lesotho (GoL). It has been registered in terms of the Companies Act of 1967 (as amended) and established in 2006 in...

Presitex Enterprises (pty) Ltd

3A-3B, Thetsane Industrial Area, Ha Thetsane, Maseru

Maluti Mountain Brewery

Site44, Lioli Rd, Industrial Area, P.O.Box 764, Maseru

Loti Brick (pty) Ltd

Koffi Annan Rd, Maseru
Loti Brick (Pty) Ltd is a premier manufacturer of clay bricks in Lesotho. The types of bricks manufactured are face bricks, plaster bricks and paver bricks. The bricks are manufactured from the finest...

Mafeteng Concrete Blocks And Building Construction

Thabana Morena Rd, P.O.Box 646, Mafeteng
Mafeteng Concrete Blocks is a registered entity in terms of the Companies Act of the laws of The Kingdom of Lesotho. The company is a major player in business of brick-making alongside building constr...

Lesotho Brick And Pave

Main South 1 Ha Matala, Maseru
Manufacture, wholesale, distribution of all concrete products. Lesotho Brick & Pave is the Lesotho licensee for Terraforce blocks.

Wise Supply & Services (pty) Ltd

RCJ Bldg Moshoeshoe Rd, Industrial Area, P.O.Box 10268, Maseru

C G M - Ii

Site 17 Thetsane Industrial Area, Maseru

Buildrite Hardware & Building Material (pty) Ltd

Sir Seretse Khama Rd next to Post-Office, Leribe, P.O.Box 1141, Maputsoe

Maseru South Concrete Products (pty) Ltd

Main South 1 Turn Left at Excel Garage we are next to Matala Local Court, Matala, P.O.Box 207, Maseru

Bio Cleaners

Main North 1, Ha Tsosane, P.O.Box 0376, Maseru

Electro Wise Enterprises

Shop 4 Bedco Main North 1 Sebaboleng Bedco, P.O.Box 14278, Maseru

Erwill General Suppliers (pty) Ltd

Unit 24 Bedco Bldg Bedco, Sebaboleng, P.O.Box 4375, Maseru

Ice Masters

15 Lethole Rd, Hoohlo's, P.O.Box 574, Maseru

Intercompetent Venture (pty) Ltd

Main North 1 Ha-Mabote Maqalika Bus Stop, Maseru

L & L Brick Works

Main North 1, Khubetsoana, P.O.Box 1569, Maseru
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Headwear in Lesotho is a unique and important part of the traditional culture. It is often used as a sign of respect and as a way to show one’s status and identity. The traditional headwear of Lesotho is called a mokorotlo and is made of straw or reeds. It is shaped into a bowl-like shape and is usually decorated with colorful beads or designs. The mokorotlo is worn by both men and women, and is often seen during special occasions or cultural events. It is a symbol of pride and honor for the Basotho people.

The mokorotlo is typically paired with a hat called a kolobe, which is made of animal skin, typically sheep or goat. The kolobe is worn on the head, and is decorated with colorful beads, shells and feathers. It is often used to help protect the wearer from the sun and rain.

Headwear is also used to signify a person's rank or position in society. For example, the king of Lesotho wears a special type of headwear known as a mokorotlo ya nkhotso, which is made of black and white beads. This is a sign of his status and power.

Overall, headwear in Lesotho is an important part of the culture and is used to signify respect, status, and identity. It is often seen during special occasions and is a